Peter Gilmore sets elimination nightmare

As part of MasterChef Australia’s hardest week ever, Theresa, Trent and Mimi faced off in the ultimate pressure test, set by renowned chef Peter Gilmore.

A familiar face in the MasterChef Australia kitchen, Peter has served up two previous showstopping finale challenges: the snow egg (season two) and chocolate ethereal (season six).

He presented his cherry jam lamington. The recipe featured 32 steps, with an incredible extra 17 steps just to plate it.

Competing in his very first pressure test, Trent hit trouble when the anglaise for his ice cream did not reach the right temperature. He hoped that a few degrees difference would not affect his end result.

Mimi, also in her first pressure test, hit a hurdle when she forgot to put the timer on as her sponge went in the oven. She made another mistake with her coconut mix, mis-reading the recipe and adding too much coconut, then adding extra cream to try to fix it. Towards the end of the cook, her parfait had not set properly and crumbled slightly.

Theresa made the mistake of weighing her cherries after pitting them rather than before, which risked making her jam too sweet. Peter and George tasted her ice cream and commented on its interesting flavour, noticing that it had churned longer than the others.

As she plated, Theresa added more cherry jam to the sponge mix because she loved the flavour, but noted that it was quite sweet.

Trent did a good job, getting all elements on his finished dish. He nailed the flavours and his coconut shards were great. Mimi’s dish did not present well but the shards were good and her flavours were perfect.

The judges thought Theresa had a great mirror-like glaze on her lamington. However, there was an unbalanced sharpness to her jam and her ice cream was extremely sweet.

The judges felt that Peter’s dish was all about the delicate balance between texture and flavour. One dish was just too sweet, which meant Theresa left the MasterChef Australia kitchen for a second time.

Theresa is excited for a new career in food. She plans to hold cooking classes and demonstrations.