Pete Gets Laid, Campmates Shellshocked on I’m A Celebrity

Pete Gets Laid, Campmates Shellshocked on I’m A Celebrity

It’s Easter. So you know what that means… fitting in as many cracking egg puns as humanly possible, and we have so many it’s not even bunny. Here’s what hoppened on tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Our camp mates woke to the sound of a rooster and a visit from the Easter Bunny. In a nest high above camp, they found a chicken that would regularly and unexpectedly drop eggs the celebs needed to catch, with the eggs caught being added to dinner. If egg catching was an Olympic sport, Harry would win gold.

After being publicly voted in, Anna, Harry, Adam and Pete departed for the trial, the Egg-ceptional Easter Eggathon. Our celebs faced three rounds of hilarious egg-based trials based on a conveyor belt and eggy games where they had to sort between the red and gold eggs. Red eggs bad, gold eggs good.

While the hilarity came thick and fast for those watching at home, the stars did not, with the trialists scoring seven stars out of a possible 12. Luckily, they were able to catch 25 eggs from the in-camp chicken, which added to their dinner bounty.

Welcome to the first installment of the celebrity interview show, Getting Wood With Woody. Tonight’s guest was Pete Helliar who talked about going from bottle shop attendant to Rove Live. We were all ears when he went on to say that Rove turned down a one million dollar offer from Nine because he wanted to continue to work with his mates.

Aesha opened up about seeing a counsellor, her mother’s alcoholism and her constant need to people please. Growing up, she felt her role in the family needed to be that of a clown in order to lift everyone’s spirts while her mother battled the devastating disease. But don’t worry, there was a hoppy ending. Aesha’s mother is nine years sober and Aesha couldn’t be prouder.

Last week, Liz revealed the paltry pay packets that professional netballers collected back when Liz was a superstar of the sport. With the help of Bill Shorten and her teammates, Liz knew she had to do something to make meaningful change to ensure that the pay discrepancy in sport improved. Instead of striking, her team walked into the middle of the court for a minute before commencing a game, the crowds erupting with support. At the height of her career, Liz earned $6,000 a year, now players can earn in the vicinity of $200,000. She’s a good egg that Liz.

Adam Cooney spoke candidly with Woody and Pete about his AFL career, and how he feels embarrassed to have won a Brownlow medal, believing it was down to the fact he had one or two good years. Woody and Pete carrot believe it.

Tomorrow night, the Honey Badger, Nick Cummins, enters the jungle in the most terrifying way possible with the trial, Cliffhanger. The plot chickens, because Chris and Julia have chosen Liz to be the camp’s next fighter, but she has no idea she’s about to meet the jungle’s newest camp mate.


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