Pete and Courtney win House Rules 2019

Pete and Courtney win House Rules 2019

Pete & Courtney have been crowned House Rules 2019 champions beating Tim and Mat and Lisa and Andy.

The Grand Final challenge was to create a luxury loft in just seven days, following five ‘House Rules’ set by the judges, with their score deciding the winner.

House Rules
Rule 1 Create the ultimate luxury loft
Rule 2 Master a relaxed, sophisticated style
Rule 3 Unite with muted tertiary colours
Rule 4 Use surprising textures
Rule 5 Amaze by re-inventing the conventional


Zones – Ensuite, walkway, dining, master bedroom and laundry

Jamie (Homebase) That walkway was absolutely extraordinary. The dining table, I was so impressed that you designed that yourselves. The master ensuite incredible, the way you reflected the ceiling it was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t so crazy about the neon bedroom I’ve got to say, that was a bit Vegas for me.


(Homebase) You two have without doubt created some of the most memorable spaces this season, what you did for the final was to focus on your personalities, you really understood this idea of luxury. When you are real, when you are you, you do something that makes me so ridiculously proud of your abilities.

Wendy (Homebase) What you delivered in this Grand Final proved you earnt your place. It was nothing short of perfection so for me it is a perfect 10.

Scire 29/30


Zones – Deck, kitchen, walk in robe, ensuite 2, guest bedroom 1 and study


(Homebase) Without a doubt that bedroom is the finest room I have ever seen in House Rules. The kitchen was amazing, the courtyard had a couple of hiccups, but I’ve got to say I was just so taken with everything you did. It would be remiss of me when I put all the rooms together and think about all the effort to give you anything less than a 10.


(Homebase) There is absolutely no shadow of a doubt that you are one of the most talented teams we’ve seen in terms of raw talent.

For the Grand Final we needed a design statement right the way through and there were moments that you did let yourself down. There were moments as well that allowed you to emerge as incredibly passionate, committed and talented designers. It was difficult and on balance it led me to give you a mark of 8.


(Homebase) The rooms that you delivered this week just blew me away. You have amazing style and amazing design sense. I think you’ve got an entire career ahead of you. I’m amazed with what you’ve achieved. Not everything was perfect, but it was so close to perfect.

Score 27/30


Zones – Breakfast room, bathroom, lounge, master retreat, lobby and guest bedroom 2


(Homebase) That retreat was your finest room so far, it was absolutely stunning. The bookshelf was incredible, the way you laid out the room was really very elegant. The loungeroom was beautiful, it was pretty flawless. I have to say it was hard to find any fault except for the entrance (lobby), I just felt those slats were letting you down a tad. Everything else was pretty extraordinary, I was just blown away by your work.


(Homebase) I think of all of the teams this season, the idea that you are finalists based on the first few renovations shows how talent can be improved, how it can be refined and the confidence you showed in this refurbishment has been astonishing. That retreat was absolutely exquisite.


(Homebase) I just cannot believe what you managed to achieve, six rooms in one week. I cannot imagine when you first entered the competition that you dreamt you were even capable of that. You did just a spectacular job. This is by far the best work you’ve done, and I love that you’ve left it to the Grand Final.

Score 26/30







At Homebase, Courtney told host Johanna Griggs through tears “I don’t have any words.” While Pete said “It is completely numbing; it has been a rough ride and an amazing ride. We just can’t wait to go home to a beautiful, beautiful house that these five amazing teams did for us. We are so grateful.” The parents of 18-month old Casper