Paulini And A Dirty Martini.

Paulini And A Dirty Martini.

Free drinks anyone? Not so enticing when they are being served at the jungle swamp Casino.

Tonight Paulini, Dipper and Toni spun the rancid roulette wheel to play the most unappealing drinking game imaginable. Forget about an espresso martini or a margarita, this refined drinks list featured pig’s heart, fermented duck, bull’s penis, cow’s snout and dog’s hair.

Paulini was the MVP, scoring 8 of the 13 stars that the trio proudly took back to their famished friends.

Later that afternoon, parenting pals Toni and Colin had a heart-to-heart about Toni’s choice to put motherhood before her own career and life aspirations.

Toni then continued the conversation with her other parenting pal and spiritual mentor, Jess, who helped her realise her powerful capabilities. Watch out world, Toni’s turning up!

Grant shared with Jess that he has suffered imposter syndrome during his showbiz career, while Colin spoke about his past celebrity chef rivalries.