Paul Becomes the first adventurer to lose big

Paul Becomes the first adventurer to lose big

The Big Adventure kicked off last night and while it was a little drawn out ir was nice to see an elimination take place at the end of the episode.

Merchant seafarer Paul Brown faced a mutiny to become the first contestant eliminated from the new adventure series.

After winning an epic challenge on the Sky Rig, TC became the first player to earn the right to dig in the Treasure Grid. There are 12 golden keys buried in the squares; only one of these keys will unlock the one million dollar grand prize. TC managed to retrieve a golden key, bringing him one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

As the challenge winner, he also won a night of luxury in the camp retreat choosing Mark to join him. More importantly, he also earned the power – along with Mark as the opposing team captain – to determine who would be eliminated.

Paul wasn’t afraid to take charge and it was ultimately his undoing. “Paul thinks he’s the captain of the ship,” Jess complained. “But he’s just a pebble in everyone’s shoe.”

The 50-year-old Melburnian took the decision in his stride. “Being the first eliminated is a compliment,” Paul says. “I was no doubt the biggest threat to Mark and TC. I look forward to shaking the hand of a millionaire.”

Eleven keys still remain. One million dollars lies waiting… which lucky person will dig their way to victory?

The Big Adventure now airs two nights a week at 6:30 PM Sunday and 7:30 Monday on Seven.


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