Paramount+ announces Chapel Off Chapel comdey specials

Paramount+ announces Chapel Off Chapel comdey specials

Filmed at the iconic Chapel Off Chapel, one of the oldest churches in Victoria, with an audience of adoring fans, Peter Hellier, Geraldine Hickey, Nath Valvo and Tom Ballard, will prove why they’re leading the charge as the funniest faces on the Australian stand-up scene, when their new stand-up specials stream on Paramount+from next month.

Peter Helliar is no stranger to Australian audiences, as a regular host on The Project and the creator and star of 10’s How To Stay Married. With 25 years of stand-up experience, he’s nailed his self-deprecating comic style. Helliar’s Paramount+ special, Loopy, evolved from a stranger on a train that said to Pete: “everything you believe is true and the rest is bullshit, and vice versa.” The world is loopy and we should talk about it.

Coming off the back of her Most Outstanding Show award at the 2021 Melbourne Comedy Festival, Geraldine Hickey’s award-winning What A Surprise is critical viewing for those that missed it. Geraldine Hickey is the type of person that’s happy to let other people lead. At the age of 40, Hickey’s learnt that leaders do all the work and know what’s around the corner. Hickey’s clever and doesn’t want to know what’s around the corner – she wants to believe there’ll be a bouncy castle.

Nominated for the illustrious Melbourne Comedy Festival Award, you know you’re in for a treat with Nath Valvo’s I’m Happy For You. Valvo’s new comedy special tackles a big question – should he become a father? It’s a sensational hour of high-energy comedy that covers Valvo’s take on his family, his partner, his friends and surviving life in his 30s. No one is spared.

Tom Ballard’s had Enough. He’s had enough of COVID, anti-vaxxers, being lonely, culture wars, the super wealthy, capitalism and Baby Boomers. He’s over it. But he’s determined to fix all these things by yelling horrible jokes about them in a beautiful venue. Ballard’s fearless, he’s unrelenting and he is at his white-hot rage best in Enough.

Chapel Off Chapel Comedy Specials.
Available To Stream Exclusively On Paramount+ From Friday, 1 April.


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