Paradise questions the Bro Code

Paradise questions the Bro Code

Paradise is heating up so lets debrief

Seeing that love was well and truly in the air for some couples, Renee was keen to get in on that action and hoped for some new arrivals, in particular Matt from Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia.

As if he could read her thoughts (for new men, that is), cheeky chap Jackson entered Paradise. The boys were excited, Renee was disappointed, and Brittney’s eyes lit up.

As Jackson caught up on what he had missed so far, Jamie decided to stake his claim on Brittney, contrary to what he had said to the boys a few hours earlier.

Unaware, Brittney took initiative and asked Jackson for a chat. Jackson appreciated her being forward and loved her high energy.

Next to stroll into Paradise clutching a date card was BMX rider Matt. He didn’t wait long before asking Renee on a date, much to the annoyance of Ciarran.

On their date, Renee and Matt expressed their excitement at seeing each other and both revealed that they only had eyes for each other.

At the Bula Banquet, everyone discussed the meaning of ‘girl code’ and ‘bro code’, and while everyone agreed that it was about respecting each other and having open communication, an annoyed Ciarran was focused on the fact that the ‘bro code’ meant you asked before dating someone’s ex.

A new day saw a new arrival, as Scot entered Paradise’s doors.


After being announced as the next date holder, Niranga took a swipe at Cass by picking Brittney. With zero romantic feelings for Niranga and annoyed at just being picked for the sake of it, an emotional Brittney retreated to her cabin in tears.