Paradise Lost Review

Paradise Lost Review
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This week, Paramount+ dropped a new original in the form of Paradise Lost, but is it worth getting lost in?

Paradise Lost tells the story of Yates Forsythe (Josh Hartnett), who is called back to his family home in Mississippi by his father, Judge Forsythe (Nick Nolte), to take over as CEO of Southern Trees Media. Joining him is his wife, psychiatrist Frances Forsythe (Bridget Regan).

It is here that the central mystery of Paradise Lost is revealed when Frances becomes drawn into a pair of mysteries, connected by veteran Boyd Suttree (Silas Weir Mitchell). Boyd was friends with Yates and Dickie Barrett (Shane McRae), who’s now the local sheriff. The duo have a wild past that may also have involved Yate’s troubled artist sister Janus, who has since passed away.

There’s also the mystery of a fire at the motel two decades earlier, in which Boyd was present. Frances isn’t the only one looking into things, there’s also reporter Nicque Green (Danielle Deadwyler), who is convinced that her uncle, who was convicted for starting the first is actually innocent. Nicque enlists the help of her sister, Gynnifer (Gail Bean), to spy for her as Frances’ assistant. 

There’s a lot to unpack in the first hour, and writer Rodes Fishburne sets the stage for what should, hopefully, be resolved as the season progresses.

Hartnett is given an interesting character to play and he definitely commands the screen. But overall, there aren’t any bad performances in site.

Paradise Lost is full of mystery and it’s an intriguing experience.

3 Stars

Paradise Lost is now streaming on Paramount+


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