Paradise heats up as finale week begins

There were clashes splashes and pashes as Bachelor in Paradise continued last night.

The fallout from last night’s rose ceremony continued, with Brittney feeling guilty for not giving her rose to good friend Jamie.

Cass was comfortable with her decision to give her rose to Jackson, despite knowing Brittney was keen on him. But when she attempted to explain her decision to Brittney, she was quickly shut down. Later, as the ladies attempted to clear the air once more, Cass claimed she wanted to show her Jackson her intentions, even though she knew Scot was interested in her.


Next, we saw the arrival of Keely from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor  Australia. Although she left her season on the first night, many of the Paradise ladies and gents knew her already. And Keely had her eyes set firmly on Alex and Scot.

A date card arrived with Cass’ name on it, and to no one’s surprise she picked Jackson. On their snorkelling date, Jackson wondered whether Cass was enjoying competing with Brittney more than actually liking him.

Alex found Keira’s interest a little too intense and asked her to take a step back, which she didn’t understand straight away. After a second chat, she got it, and was left feeling embarrassed.

At the Bula Banquet, Alex and Keely revealed a mutual interest in getting to know each other, which resulted in Keira walking away upset.

When asked how she felt knowing Ciarran had been intimate with another girl in Paradise, Kiki said she was open-minded and forgiving. Seeing Renee and Alisha whispering privately to each other, Ciarran got up and walked out.

Later, Alisha tried to clear things up with Kiki, but Kiki wanted none of it. And Matt, Timm and Ciarran argued over “bro code” and loyalty.