Paradise descends into Chaos

Paradise descends into Chaos

Tonight, on an explosive episode of Bachelor In Paradise, sparks failed to fly between and a surprise arrival from Ciarran’s ex, Renee Barrett, sent Paradise into chaos.

A new date card saw Jake invite Helena on a date which surprised everyone, especially Cass who assumed he would pick her.

Whispers around Paradise were that Ciarran’s ex Renee may be on her way. Mary revealed that Jess and Renee’s friendship during their season of The Bachelor Australia had soured, which would make for an interesting arrival.

On Jake and Helena’s date, Helena deflected any serious questions which Jake found frustrating. When talking about his prior relationship with exParadise single Megan Marx, Jake explained that his heart had been broken. As he tried to convince Helena that he had closed the Megan chapter of his life, Helena felt there was still unfinished business between the pair.

Jamie chose Brittney for a date, organising some romantic cocktails by the sea. As Brittney dropped subtle hints that she was keen for a kiss, Jamie kept her firmly in the friend zone.

Osher announced that since Renee had been such a hot topic around Paradise, tonight’s Bula Banquet theme would be: “There’s Something About Renee”.

As the girls came together for a pre-banquet chat, Renee made her highly anticipated entrance.

At dinner, things started to click into place and Renee soon realised that Ciarran and Jess were more than just friends. Ciarran took it upon himself to address the group and publicly apologise for cheating on Renee, which she took with a grain of salt.

As the questions rolled in from the others, Ciarran lost his patience and stormed out.

In an attempt to stir the pot, Tim revealed to Renee that her bestie Cass had been getting close to Ciarran. It all became too much for Renee, who walked away in tears.  Ciarran tracked down Renee, telling him she was over keeping his secrets and was afraid people would think differently of him, if they knew the truth.   Fighting back tears, she made him admit that whilst he was pursuing Angie Kent on The Bachelorette Australia, he was calling her from inside the mansion. And that when he left the show, it was she who picked him up from the airport.

What will the others think of Renee’s piping hot tea, and will Ciarran walk out of Paradise for good?

Tune in tomorrow for all the answers, and to watch fan-favourite Alisha and three new Bachelor’s make their grand entrance in Paradise.