Paper Dolls Review

Paper Dolls Review

Over the weekend, Paramount+ released its highly-anticipated original Paper Dolls.

At the cusp of the new millennium, five aspiring singers are thrust into the spotlight in pursuit of pop-stardom and fame. But not everyone is coping with what has transpired over the last six months.

One perfectly-timed flashback later, we are introduced to Harlow who have made it big on the nation’s latest craze, Pop Rush.

The band consists of members Jade Hart (Courtney Clarke), Charlie Levett (Miah Madden), Annabel Tonkin (Naomi Sequeira), and Lillian Milton (Courtney Monsma), plus late addition Izzy (Emalia) who joins the ranks as a replacement after conflict within the band.

Izzy is looking for a second chance at stardom, but it won’t be easy returning to Millennium International Music and Rodger (Ditch Davey), whom Izzy has a complex past with, and PR expert Margot Murray (Emma Booth).

Everyone dreams of being a popstar, but the road to stardom isn’t an easy one and there’s a dark side to finally reaching your dreams. Be careful what you wish for.

Born from an original concept by former popstar Belinda Chapple, this fictional series is created and written by Ainslie Clouston and explores all sides of pop stardom. With interesting characters whose stories take centre stage in different episodes, the lead cast all deliver captivating performances.

Your December viewing is sorted with Paper Dolls.

4.5 Stars

Paper Dolls airs every Sunday on Paramount+, with the first three episodes now available to stream.


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