Pairs Split Under Pressure

In tonight’s episode of Hunted, Bayan and Eesha made a fatal mistake which ultimately led to their capture. Ed and Jimi took a major risk with an ATM heist, Tharren and Jordan remained off the grid, while Holly and Josh made the strategic decision to split once they realised their contacts had been compromised.

All resources were focused on Bayan and Eesha as the Hunters circled the streets of Richmond. Bayan had made a fateful mistake by stepping outside their apartment, and the chase was on. Hunter teams Alpha, Charlie, and Echo all cornered Bayan into an apartment complex. Barricaded inside while Eesha hid, Bayan finally realised he had no-where to run. His time on the run was officially over. Handing himself in, he tried to deter the Hunters by claiming Eesha had already left, but the Hunters soon found Eesha hidden under the bed.

Low on cash, Ed and Jimi, decided to borrow their friend Linda’s car for a risky ATM withdrawal. As soon as Ed made the transaction, Hunted HQ were alerted to their location and the race was on, with Ed and Jimi escaping in the nick of time. Not accepting defeat, Hunted Cyber and Intelligence teams discovered a new lead through CCTV… Linda’s blue car. Linking the car back to Craig and Linda, they raced to their home. Unfortunately for the Hunters, they yet again missed Ed and Jimi, who had already left with Linda to plan their next hideout. Later, Jimi decided to split and leave Ed, who was feeling vulnerable and emotional about being without his partner in crime.

With a mere four days to go until extraction, Fugitive couple Holly and Josh felt like their time on the run had brought them closer together. Meanwhile, back at HQ, the determined Hunters had a laser focus on the loved-up couple, sending all Ground Hunter units to approach their close contacts one by one. Staking out a remote campsite, Holly and Josh were planning to refuel and recharge with Ally’s help, unaware that the Hunters already had their eyes on her. Using a stranger’s phone to call Ally, they were shocked and bewildered to learn that the Hunters had already paid her a visit. This was all the information Hunted HQ needed to pinpoint the Fugitives’ location, immediately dispatching Hunted ground teams and a sniffer dog to the campsite.

Realising Ally’s compromise, Josh suggested a quick split, and so the lovers parted ways. Ally arrived at the campsite just before the Hunters, and Josh left with her to travel towards Geelong, in an attempt to lead the Hunters as far away from Holly as possible, who was now on foot and alone. But after speaking to some fellow campers, Hunted Team Bravo were given the heads up that Holly wasn’t far, and a race to find Holly was on. Will they capture Holly, or will this newly single Fugitive find a way to escape?


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