Packed to the Rafters Scheduling update

Packed to the Rafters Scheduling update

Tomorrow Packed to the Rafters rolls out a new episode in Easter non Ratings.

It is the 20th Episode of season 5 and entitled Weathering The Storm

Given the circumstances with Coby, Dave and Julie try to end their business dealings with Duncan. Unable to avoid Frankie, Coby steps up, taking full responsibility for everything. With everything that’s going on, the last thing Jake needs is to run into Sian – and her new rich, handsome boyfriend. And if that wasn’t enough, Ted is rushed to hospital after taking a confronting turn. As the day from hell ends, Jake arrives home to more bad news: Coby’s gone

I can also reveal that a a former Rafter is heard from and they have some news.

Rafters then takes a 1 week break due to Easter but resumes April 9 which puts the season finale on April 16. But Seven has said they will go straight into season 6 which could be the final season.



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