Packed to the Rafters May 21- Sammy’s Return

Packed to the Rafters May 21- Sammy’s Return

It’s what fans have been promised all season now some of the family are finally returning to our screens.

It all starts when Nathan returns to London  find out why his wife Saskia  never arrived in Sydney as planned. And the answer changes his life forever After managing to track her down at one of her old mates places he sees Saskia is not copping with parenthood so he takes Edward for a few hours.

He calls the one person he knows in London his ex wife Sammy (Jessica Mcnamee) who returns to the show after a 3 year absence. Fans will relish the opportunity to see Sammy again and get closure on her story line. in a must see episode of Rafters.

8:30 PM Tonight on Seven


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