Packed to The Rafters has a ending

Packed to The Rafters has a ending

One of Australia’s favourite drama’s Packed to the Rafters has pretty much wrapped up for good.

In an exclusive interview with TV Tonight Rafters star Erik Thompson says the cast have filmed an episode that could serve as its finale.

“We’re not filming at the moment but the official line is a decision has not yet been made,”

said the production has “an ending of sorts” that could effectively be the finale if the network decides not to produce a seventh season. “We’ve reached a conclusion that could be the end. There are talks that it might continue in a different format, telemovies or miniseries or whatever,” he said. “I don’t think the franchise is necessarily dead but the series, as it stands, looks like it might have resolved. “It’s sort of in the hands of the network at this stage.”

Next week Seven airs Episode 22 of Season 5 but rolls straight into Season 6 a week later.

“We’ve done 122 episodes, we’ve had 6 series with 5×22 and 1×12 episode series. It’s been really successful and you want to carry on knowing you can maintain that success. That’s a lot of hours of television for what is quite a high quality drama.

“A lot of stories have been told, a lot of people have come and gone. Whether we can continue to do that and still hold our heads up high, I’m not sure.“But that’s in someone else’s hands.

Fans of City Homicide will remember that Seven has never actually cancelled the show but the promo for the finale said last ever episode. Please Seven do not treat your highest rating drama the same way.

Packed  to the Rafters kicks off its final 13 episodes Tuesday 8:30 PM on Seven



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