Outback Wrangler to air on Go

Australia’s bravest and most skilful animal catcher, Matt Wright, is all set to take viewers on a death-defying journey when Outback Wrangler airs on Go next week. 

Tracking Matt’s daily encounters with saltwater crocodiles, Outback Wrangler puts you in the front seat of his trusty helicopter on an incredible ride across Australia’s beautiful yet treacherous far north.

Raised in the Aussie bush, Matt has made it his mission to keep animals, locals and the environment out of danger by relocating wildlife he catches in the Northern Territory.

With big machinery, including airboats, helicopters and a new croc-catching tool, the harpoon, the action never stops in this breathtaking rumble in the tropical jungle.

 Outback Wrangler airs 7:30pm Tuesday on Go