Only The Dead to air on Showcase

Only The Dead to air on Showcase
October 1, 2004 - Baquba, Iraq: Time Magazine writer Michael Ware advances with U.S. soldiers with the 25th Infantry Division, 1st battalion, 14th regiment, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon, looks around a corner while a smoke grenade covers his advance during an attack to take back Samarra from insurgent control. The operation circled the city of Samarra with four battalions. After the initial attack the city is to be held with 500 Iraqi National Guard units after the fight. (Max Becherer/Polaris) ///

Next month Showcase has the Australian Premiere of the documentary Only the Dead.

Only the Dead’ is a war story unlike any ever seen. It follows Michael Ware, an Australian journalist for CNN and Time Magazine who is transplanted into the Middle East following the impact of 9/11. Ware is one of the few Western journalists who lived fulltime in Iraq during the war, and this documentary is the story of what happens when an ordinary man undertakes a journey through the deepest recesses of the Iraq War, coming face to face with the most feared and most hated terrorists on the planet.

Omly The Dead airs Sunday April 3 at 8.30pm on Showcase and is not to be missed.



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