One Less Ashore, And We Are At Our Final Four

It was Day 43 and the final five woke up to a breakfast of muffins and coffee on the beach.

It didn’t stay that wholesome for long, with George, Gerry and Matt set on voting out Nina and making the top three together, and Liz trying to make amends with Nina to vote Matt out. Liz decided to work on rebuilding the Jacuzzi Alliance with her, Nina, and George, even though she was cautious of George after he betrayed her in blindsiding Shonee. After appealing to his emotions, George seemed to agree to vote on Matt.

At the Immunity Challenge, Matt and Nina jostled to take on Liz throughout the course, but she steamed ahead and took out the win.

We then watched as the remaining players worked their social gameplay to try and make it through tonight’s Tribal Council. Liz was wary of how close George and Gerry are, so reminded George that he needed to think with his head not his emotions; and it was time to pull the trigger to get Gerry’s pal Matt out. Nina knew she was at bottom of the Tribe, so was working at being saved by the Jacuzzi Alliance. George was going to either vote with Gerry and Matt to get Nina out, or Liz and Nina to get Matt out.

At Tribal Council, you could cut the tension with a knife. Nina described her uphill battle against the Vigilante Alliance. Liz and Matt called each other out as challenge beasts and George was pushed to explain how that affected his decision of who to take forward in the game. When George said he had been the captain of the ship, Gerry countered that there had been no real captain in the alliance, and George quickly conceded. But Nina called it how she saw it, saying that the alliance had a leader and it is not Gerry. After saying he had also been the biggest threat, she realised she had spoken a little too much.

We were left on the edge of our seat, wondering where George’s vote would land, and evidently, he thought it was Nina’s time to leave. Nina, the Princess of Survivor, received the most amount of votes and was sent to Jury Villa. As she exited, she warned Liz not to sit next to George. And we were then left with our final four players.


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