One Day at a Time returns to Netflix tomorrow

Netflix is returning One Day at a Time for it’s second season tomorrow.

For those who are yet to see the show it’ a reimagining of the iconic Norman Lear’s classic sitcom, One Day at a Time. It is an hilarious and heartfelt comedy that follows three generations of a Cuban-American family navigating the ups and downs of life. A newly-single mom and military veteran journeys through the triumphs and tribulations that come with raising two strong-willed, mega-millennial children, all the while enlisting the “help” of her old-school mother and her building manager-turned-invaluable confidant. Through a contemporary lens, One Day at a Time offers a glimpse at what life looks like, in good times and bad — and how those around you somehow make it all worthwhile.

Having seen the first three episodes of Season 2 fans won’t be disappointed by what’s in store for the Alvarez Family.

One Day at a Time season 2 premieres Friday January 26 on Netflix.