Omar and Oz are the Bathroom Kings

Omar and Oz are the Bathroom Kings

Another massive week of The Block has wrapped but who delivered the best Master Ensuite

Tiles and tiling are causing huge headaches across The Block as we hit 26 hours to our Blockheads revealing their master ensuite bathrooms.

Rachel and Ryan have sourced tiles that cost $1700 for a feature wall in their bathroom, and they are very happy with them.

Dylan and Jenny get shut down for an hour after missing the mandatory pre-starts with The Block’s official builders, Nineinsix.  Jenny is furious and drives off in tears.

Omar and Oz are gutted. They discover their floor tiles have not been glued on properly and they have to be ripped off.  The Block’s builder GMAC advises them they should focus on doing it properly and not reveal a room this week.

Oz was having none of it, and with the help of  Keith and Dan they manage to figure out a solution.

Dylan and Jenny are having a rough day. Their tiler was supposed to show up do finish the floor tiles but he is nowhere to be seen. He ends up arriving at 8.30pm on Saturday night, with just hours to go to room reveal. In the morning Dylan and Jenny know they haven’t finished the bathroom and are bitterly disappointed.

It’s judging time in what has been a busy week on The Block.

House No.1 Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $19,057:  Yum is the first word Darren Palmer said. The judges loved the tile choices. The bathroom had a very contemporary but beautifully timeless feeling towards it. A real sense of calm. Neale says obviously Tom and Sarah-Jane have a great confidence about them. Shaynna doesn’t like the fact there is no face to face storage. Tom is not a fan of face-to-face storage.

Score 26/30

House No.2 Rachel and Ryan spent $27,164:  Neale wasn’t a fan of this bathroom, calling it bland and down beat. He had nothing to say about it. Darren on the other hand loved it. Shaynna was somewhere in the middle. She did say Rachel and Ryan need to start to listen to her when she says she wants country in the rooms. She will continue to say it until they listen. Neale said the bathroom had absolutely no personality.

Score 23.5/30

House No.3 Ankur and Sharon spent $33,394:   Full of personality, Neale wanted Rachel and Ryan to come and stand in this bathroom. Nothing bland about it. Not Darren’s design style, but he loved it. Very elegant and theatrical. The double-sided fire was a hit, but not sure if the placement is right. You could look at someone going to the toilet from the master bedroom. A real risk, but it worked this week for Ankur and Sharon.

Score 27/30

House No.4 Dylan and Jenny spent $24,350:   The double shower and bench seat was a huge plus. The room is huge. Shaynna did wonder why they always box things in, like the bath.  The big issue was the execution. It’s obvious that Dylan and Jenny didn’t have time to finish properly. 

Score 23.5/30

House No.5 Omar and Oz spent $26,473:  Omar and Oz had a tough week with so many dramas with their tiles and tiling, but everything paid off. The judges LOVED the room. They thought the use of space was very clever. Shaynna thought it was like an upmarket country club.  The bath was amazing. They referred to Oz’s peacock origami on the toilet paper.  It was incredibly modern but also with lots of country touches.



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