Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham shares his darkest shame

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham shares his darkest shame

In a task designed to test their ability to absorb pressure, the recruits infiltrated a military port to secure sensitive information before radioing a memorized extraction code for a water rescue.

After radioing the correct extraction code and preparing to jump into the water, Zima fell awkwardly from the tower.

The challenge was halted as the DS and medical teams raced to her aid.  

Sustaining a small fracture to her right elbow and wrist, Zima was taken to hospital for treatment and was medically withdrawn from the course.

Despite cutting short the previous task, the DS continued to apply pressure on the six remaining recruits in a beehive task replicating open ocean survival. Huddled together, the recruits trod water to stay afloat.

Not comfortable in the water, the frightening exercise brought AFL commentator Abbey Holmes to tears as she was overcome by panic and quit the task.  

“I just freak out with water. I felt ok at the start but then just went to shit,” explained a tearful Abbey after the task.  

Later in the day, the recruits revealed all in ‘setting fire to shame’, a pressure test of emotion designed to expel trauma and shame.

Actor Craig McLachlan went first detailing the impact of the charges laid against him for his role in the Rocky Horror stage show.

“The embarrassment and shame I felt was crippling. And without realizing it, I’ve been hating everything and resenting everything. I’ve been angry at everything. I’m done with hate for hate’s sake. I have, over time, learned to breathe again to move on.”

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham shocked the DS with his brutal honesty in an emotionally charged confession about his selfish and deceitful behaviour in relationships: “I’ve been a really selfish person in relationships. And I feel so ashamed for the immense hurt that I caused someone for 11 years, who stayed with me throughout my entire addiction.

“And despite being seven years clean and sober and it being one of his absolute deal breakers, I still struggle to be completely honest with my husband.”

He admitted: “I haven’t been the best husband. I’ve definitely caused a lot of pain and I still have a lot of shame for the lies and deception in my relationship.”


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