Olympians go off The Record for Seven

Olympians go off The Record for Seven

With less  than a year until Rio 2016 Seven is profiling some of Australia’s biggest Olympians.

In candid interviews with Seven’s Bruce McAvaney, 12 Australian Olympians including Susie O’Neill, Matthew Mitcham and Anna Meares take us inside unique moments in their lives – but not the ones you’re expecting.

There are surprises straight out of the blocks in episode one of Olympians: Off The Record when O’Neill talks openly about the race that defined her career and the one that got away in Sydney, the void she struggled to fill once she hung up her togs, postnatal depression and where exactly she keeps her horde of medals today.

Bruce McAvaney said: “I thought I knew Susie O’Neill really well, but I learnt a lot more about her in that interview. She opened up on a lot of things and it wasn’t just Susie the swimmer, it was Susie the person. That’s always great, even if it was so surprising.”

These Olympians reveal what happens when there are no personal bests left to chose and what, if anything, replaces the euphoria of elite sport. They’ll share the highs and lows, the glory and heartbreak, not just of sport but life itself, in a powerful half hour that goes far beyond the Games.

Olympians: Off The Record premieres tonight at 6:45 pm on 7 TWO