OGs move in for the kill

OGs move in for the kill

Tonight, Big Brotherunveiled his Panic Room and in the first task, newbie Taras and royalty Dave were locked in a head-to-head battle. Taras lost and faced a hellish punishment with seven other housemates chosen by winner Dave.

Joel and Aleisha’s connection cracked and Joel’s rejection broke Aleisha’s heart. Their break-up became the talk of the house, but when Joel came crawling back, they went from off again to on again.

In the second chance challenge, Lulu and Lara joined forces against Jaycee, but he staged a strong comeback, saving himself from eviction.

The alliances were back on centre stage, with the Big Brother royalty moving to save Lulu and the newbies determined to protect Lara. After an incredible group pitch, Lara started to sway the votes, including Dave’s, who went rogue from his group, but ultimately she didn’t have enough votes to avoid eviction.

“I think they made a bit of mistake,” Lara said. “But today I made myself proud. I proved that women in their 50s can do all that sort of stuff. I love that I got voted out for being a fierce competitor. I think that is victory for me. I always thought I had a bit of powerhouse in me.”


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