OG blow-up shakes the house

OG blow-up shakes the house

Tonight on Big Brother, the hackers infiltrated the system again, targeting the week’s shopping budget. 

To combat the infiltration, Big Brother appointed the housemates as security guards, but the hackers were quick thieves and the housemates were left with a measly shopping budget of $92.60.

With Drew still in the game, Estelle had a bone to pick with Tim for calling a truce with Drew, who was actively working against the OGs.

After Drew stole some Head of House treats, he was summoned to the diary room along with Head of House Estelle. As punishment, Big Brother confiscated the treats and Drew was banished to the garden until further notice, leading to a blow-up between Tim and Estelle.

Drew did not regret his actions, worrying Reggie and Dave that the newbies would take advantage of the situation. After realising the impact it might have on their alliance, Tim and Estelle let go of their differences. 

In the nominations challenge, the housemates worked in pairs again. Each pair was assigned eight cylinders and a tipsy table that they had to hold steady using a rope. Brenton and Taras won the challenge, as well as safety from eviction.  

Later, queen Reggie exposed the weak link in the OG alliance: Gabbie, rallying the troops to take her down.

In a game-changing twist, not three but four housemates were up for nomination. When the nominees were announced, Head of House Estelle saved fellow OG Tully and put the newbies’ leader Aleisha on the chopping block; leaving her in a fight for her life against fellow nominees Jaycee, Gabbie and Drew.


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