Offspring releases first Season 7 trailer

The wait for more Offspring has finally begun as Ten has released the first trailer for the upcoming season and it’s oh so good. 

 This season sees the Proudmans delve into new and uncharted territory, with all of the chaos, fun and romance that audiences have come to love.

Only a few weeks on from the events of season six, we find obstetrician Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) balancing the complexities of her new romance with crisis and culture consultant Harry Crewe (Alexander England), with the needs of her increasingly curious daughter Zoe (Isabella Monaghan) and the demands of her new role as Acting Head of Obstetrics at St Francis Hospital.

With her relationship with Harry moving quickly, Nina is thrown head-first into a world of difficult decisions, as she navigates the beginning of a new relationship with the complexities of parenting Zoe.

Nina and Harry’s relationship will be tested when Harry’s family turns out to give the Proudmans a run for their money in terms of boisterous interference and Nina’s fears of letting her daughter love Harry will be pulled into sharp focus.

Billie (Kat Stewart) is focused on being guardian to teenager Brody (Shannon Berry) and her newborn baby. But as the difficulty of her long-distance marriage with Mick becomes impossible to ignore, Billie will have to make major decisions about her romantic future.

Ahead of the new episodes, Network Ten is giving viewers the opportunity to catch up on the entire sixth season of Offspring exclusive and free on tenplay. All 10 episodes are now available on demand via

Offspring is expected to return soon to Ten