Offspring August 30

Tonight may be the last dose of Offspring ever so fans are well advised to tune in. 

In tonight’s season finale of Offspring, Nina (Asher Keddie) tries to reconcile her chaotic life as she faces a big question: is she really ready to leave St Francis?

While Nina comes to terms with her decision, she also faces telling Zoe (Isabella Monaghan) about the new baby. When she tells Harry (Alexander England) she wants to give Zoe the news alone, he is clearly hurt. For the first time, Nina has to face the reality that if she and Harry are starting a new family, will Zoe feel like an outsider?

Having discovered Geraldine (Linda Cropper) is dating Phil D’Arabont (David Roberts), the Proudman siblings call a crisis summit. Nina, Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Billie (Kat Stewart) try to put Geraldine’s needs in front of past grudges, but it is not easy, especially for Billie. Phil D’Arabont is the man who destroyed Darcy Proudman Real Estate.

Billie meets Dan (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) for the first time since her grand romantic re-birth was cut short. Can their relationship survive if they cut out the fun and games and are honest about who they really are?

With Kerry (Ash Ricardo) remaining guarded and unenthusiastic about the wedding, Will (TJ Power) finally calls her out on it. Does she wish they had not eloped? Kerry comes clean and reveals her deepest secret before the pair renew their vows in front of their families.

Tonight’s finale should leave viewers happy and satisfied if it is indeed the last episode ever