Offspring delivers a surprise

Last night  Offspring delivered it’s best episode to date with a nice surprise to set up the final episodes of the season.

 Nina (Asher Keddie) was left reeling after hearing that her application for the Head of Obstetrics at St. Francis had been unsuccessful. Left feeling humiliated and confused about her future career, matters were further complicated by issues at home.

Tension arose when Harry (Alexander England) and Nina faced a co-parenting road bump after Harry tried to discipline Zoe (Isabella Monaghan). The tension increased when Harry was offered a contract in Myanmar.

At the hospital, Nina faced one of her most difficult professional experiences when she helped a first-time mother deliver a stillborn daughter. Although incredibly tragic, this heart-wrenching experience showed Nina that her passion and concern for obstetrics is still the driving force in her life. 

Later that night, Billie’s (Kat Stewart) sisterly intuition was in overdrive as she consoled her sister. Billie noticed some familiar symptoms, Nina’s extreme sensitivity to smell and an almost-finished biscuit packet hidden in the sofa. The pair discover that Nina is pregnant. 

Do not miss next week’s  episode when Nina and Harry decide to bring their families together for a dinner party to announce their pregnancy news. With Harry travelling to Sydney for his new job, it is left to Nina to invite both families. What could possibly go wrong?

Offspring airs 8:30 Wednesday on Ten