O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy comes to Investigation Discovery

O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy comes to Investigation Discovery

It’s been 25 years since the world was rocked by the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case. The trial generated a media circus, but one important voice was lost in the press maelstrom: the story of Nicole Brown Simpson. Investigation Discovery is rewriting this infamous story with a new perspective in O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy  In February This is Nicole’s side of the story, in her words, for the first time ever.

Hundreds of hours of documentaries, films and TV shows have covered what came to be known as “The Trial of the Century.” The world watched the debates in the court room, heard the details of the evidence, and saw the brutality of the crime scene, but there was so much more to this tragic story. This 2-hour documentary doesn’t retell the famous trial, but instead it remembers the woman who struggled with domestic violence. Nicole’s closest family and friends share firsthand accounts as they reveal her most intimate thoughts from her own diary, proving that this crime is not about the man who walked away unscathed, but about the woman who did not have that option.

O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy tells the story of Nicole in greater depth than ever before. Viewers will hear from Nicole’s youngest sister Tanya Brown, her best friend Robin Greer, close family friend Ron Shipp, as well as David Gascon, Bill Heider, John Edwards and other officers, law enforcement and legal counsel who took part in America’s most infamous investigation. Intimate archival footage sews together Nicole’s journey to Los Angeles, her fateful encounter with O.J. Simpson, their whirlwind romance and later the terrifying phone calls and diaries she kept weeks before her death.

Featuring never-before-seen journals and family home videos, this documentary humanises the woman who for so long was treated first as the accessory to a famous man and then as an accessory at his trial. Through emotional, exclusive interviews with those closest to the case, O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy reflects on the events that led up to the shocking murders in Brentwood in 1994, showing that although the trial is over, the true impact of the case will never be forgotten.

O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy Saturday 6 February at 8:30pm on Investigation Discovery