Nova Vita Review

Nova Vita Review

Later this month Paramount+ drops new sci-fi thriller Nova Vita.

Nova Vita tells the story of two best friends – Mark Davis (Jared Farid Ward) and Carter Hayes (Micah Hauptman) – embroiled in legal trouble. The duo turn to Nova Vita, who will give them a new life and identity, but at what cost remains to be seen.

Mark’s “death” is a complete surprise to his wife Jessica (Marci Miller), who doesn’t buy that her husband has died. Over at the FBI, the duo’s suspicious transaction days prior catches the attention of Agent West (Jonathan Camp), who suspects foul play, and Agent Smith (Stephen Baldwin).

As the FBI becomes involved, Mark begins his quest to piece his life back together, but will he be able to?

Writer Scott Windhauser delivers an engrossing pilot full of surprising twists which are best not spoiled here.

Casting gets a massive tick, with Dean Norris and Robert Napper also appearing throughout the season.

Nova Vita is full of mystery, and although it’s not perfect, it’s an engrossing watch and perfect for summer binging season.

3 Stars

Nova Vita premieres 30 December on Paramount+.


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