Noughts and Crosses starts on Binge Today

Noughts + Crosses is a gripping story of first love in a dangerous, alternate world where prejudice divides society.

The series follows two young people, Sephy and Callum, who are divided by their colour but united by love. Sephy is a Cross, a member of the black ruling class and daughter of a prominent politician. Callum is a Nought, a white member of the underclass. The two have been friends since early childhood but their relationship grows ever more complicated as they come of age. It’s the story of two families separated by power and prejudice but forever entwined by fate.

Adapted from book one of Malorie Blackman’s award-winning young adult series Noughts & Crosses, the series stars BAFTA Cymru winner Jack Rowan (Peaky Blinders, Born to Kill) as Callum McGregor and newcomer Masali Baduza is Sephy Hadley.

Executive producer Preethi Mavahalli explains: ‘This show does not aim to define any single experience. It borrows from history across the world, be it South African apartheid, British imperialism or the US civil rights movement. The universal message is that all types of prejudice are wrong. Malorie’s ambition in writing the novels was to allow people to walk in the shoes of others.’

Noughts + Crosses begins Today on Binge