North Shore Review

North Shore Review

Tonight, 10 delivers its next Australian drama in the form of crime drama North Shore.

When North Shore begins, Sophie Chalcott (Bailey Spalding) is partying on a yacht, but at some point things take a turn when, the next morning, her body is found floating in Sydney Harbour under suspicious circumstances.

Tasked with finding answers is Detective Sergeant Meg Driscoll (Kirsty Sturgess), who is undertaking her first homicide case with the help of DS Paea Leniu (Chris Alosio) and overseen by DCI Andrew Newell (Rhys Muldoon).

Due to Sophie being the daughter of Abigail Crawford (Joanne Froggatt), the UK Trade Minister, the Australian government invited the UK to send an officer to observe the high-profile investigation in Sydney. They volunteer DS Max Drummond (John Bradley), whose professional and personal relationships aren’t in the best shape and so takes up to offer to jet off to Australia, sharing the flight with Abigail.

When they land, Abigail is met by husband Simon (Dan Spielman) and family friend Greg Hardy (Matt Passmore), who is in line to be the next Prime Minister. Meanwhile Max doesn’t gel with Meg who isn’t receptive to the outside help.

As the case unfolds, there are twists and turns as it becomes apparent that there’s more to everyone’s story than at first glance.

Mike Buller has created a crime drama that will have you hooked from the get-go, with fantastic performances all round to boot. This trip to North Shore is a compelling one, so strap yourselves in.

4 Stars

North Shore premieres 8:40pm tonight, May 10, on 10.


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