No Trophy For Sophie as Survivor heats up

No Trophy For Sophie as Survivor heats up

For the second night running, we learnt that blood is not always thicker than water, and these savage castaways are not opposed to voting out their loved ones if it buys them another day in Australian Survivor: Blood V Water. 

There was real unease at Blue camp this morning, with lots of discussions taking place around who would be next to go. Sophie was still on the warpath for revenge for her blindside, while the majority of the tribe were still desperate to see Sophie removed from the game for good. 

At the Immunity Challenge, Blue were shocked to see that Queen Sandra had been sent home, but Nina assured everyone that while it wasn’t an easy choice, here to play her own game. Cop that, mama!

To avoid going to Tribal Council, castaways stood side-by-side in a chain holding up a disc with their neighbour at today’s Immunity Challenge. KJ and Chrissy were the last competitors left standing for Blue, but they were no match for the stamina of Jordan, Mark, David and Jordie. 

The scramble back at Blue tribe was manic, as many different options were tabled. Sophie’s series of spot fires around the tribe were causing KJ great concern, which left her feeling like she had little choice but to move with the majority. 

Sophie gave it her best shot, putting a spotlight on Khanh and the idol that’s burning a hole in his pocket. Sophie concocted a strategy to flush Khanh’s idol with Ben, Croc, Chrissy, Jesse and her archnemeses Sam, and they did such a convincing job of assuring Sophie that they are on board that Chrissy actually fell for the fake plan. Croc reiterated to Chrissy that the plan to remove Khanh is just a decoy, to take Sophie off the scent. 

KJ was torn walking into Tribal Council. On the one hand she wanted to help her sister progress in the game, but on the other hand Sophie’s turbulent approach was detracting from KJ’s cautious and considered method of gameplay.

Six votes were placed on Sophie, including one from her sister KJ, and it was finally time up for Sophie’s Australian Survivor: Blood V Water run.

Sophie left full of praise for sister KJ: “She’s really in her element, this is everything she’s been working towards, she’s been a fan of this show her whole life. She’s doing even better than she thought she would. I have full belief she can make it to the very end.”


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