No Masterchef spin offs in 2014

No Masterchef spin offs in 2014

In what has to be one of the wisest moves from Ten there will be no Masterchef spin off in 2014

“There has been a lot of MasterChef on in the past couple of years so really what this show needs is a break,” Ten program chief Beverly McGarvey says.

“It is definitely our intention to rebuild the brand – to grow the numbers next year. We think it is still a great show. We like what it represents. It is about dream fulfilment.

“We think the audience likes that too but they’re just a bit tired. We’re not going to do a variant (spin-off) this year. When it has a break we think people will respond to it the way they used to.”

Even though one season of Masterchef is excatly what the show needs it must be condistent with the amount of  elliminations each week.

Tonight  Emma Dean, Samira El Khafir and Lynton Tapp  will face off for the 2013 title. Which will also be the sites final recap due to the time they take to do.