No Finale for KJ as Survivor Finale looms

No Finale for KJ as Survivor Finale looms

The penultimate episode of Survivor revealed the top 4.

Waking up on Day 45, Captain Josh discussed how important it was for either himself, Mark, Chrissy or KJ to beat Shay in today’s immunity challenge. The remaining castaways knew all too well that Shay would be unbeatable in the final endurance challenge. 

But KJ and Shay had other plans, they had plans to create an all-girl final three. 

Today’s Individual Immunity required precision and perfect timing, no mean feat at this stage of the competition. KJ was the first to drop out, followed closely by Josh then Chrissy. All hopes of beating Shay rested on Mark’s shoulders, but a stumble cost him the win, and Shay won today’s Individual Immunity. 

They were back to the drawing board at camp, and as Mark and Josh did the math, they quickly realised that Shay would take both girls to the final three if she was to win again tomorrow. 

This left the boys with no choice but to remove KJ, however Chrissy had her CV front of mind, and was considering finally making a big play by taking out either Mark or Josh.

KJ and Shay invited Mark to vote out Josh with them, but Mark was reluctant to make this move, because Josh is his shield in the game. 

Tribal Council was a mad scramble, as everyone attempted to confirm their plans via hushed whispers. Josh made a last ditch attempt to convince Chrissy to vote out KJ, while KJ and Shay firmed up their Josh vote.

As JLP read out the votes, it was revealed that Mark had kept his word to Josh and had joined him in voting out KJ. However Shay and KJ had voted for Josh, which frustrated Chrissy, who thought she was joining the girls on a Mark vote.

With the vote tied between KJ and Josh, Chrissy flipped on the girls and removed KJ, remaining loyal to her original alliance. 

Reflecting on her game, KJ shared: “Sophie would be fist pumping right now, she was in my thoughts a lot. I think Shay is gaining some real momentum, that girl is tough. If one of the underdogs was going to take out the title, she’s the one to do it.”

Our Final Four have their work cut out for them in tomorrow’s Grand Finale, as they battle an endurance challenge that will push them to their limits to see who has what it takes to be crowned the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


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