Nine’s Extraordinary Lives looks at Granny Escorts

Nine’s Extraordinary Lives looks at Granny Escorts

I promise the heading wasn’t a joke Nine is about to release some very intriguing content to Monday nights.

The first in a new series of compelling  documentaries, My Granny the Escort is a frank insight into the lifestyle of women who, in their later years, turn to the sex industry for work.The program features three grandmothers: Sheila (84), Beverley (64) and Sophie (57) – who all sell sex from hotel rooms or their homes.

As well as topping up their pensions, these brazen grannies say the main reason they pursue sex work is because they enjoy it. But they pay a price when it comes to their family lives and their roles as mothers and grandmothers.

My Granny the Escort is a no-holds-barred exploration of pensioner sex for sale, from the speciality services that these senior citizens offer to the bizarre requests their clients make.

We hear too from the males who recount their experiences with elderly escorts and explain the timeless appeal of older women for young men like themselves.

Also in the Extraordinary Lives series are these incredible true stories:

She’s 78, He’s 39

This episode follows six couples whose love defies the gulf of years between them. When Joan’s husband of 50 years was dying from cancer he told Joan to get a boob job and a toy boy. When he passed away this was exactly what the 68-year-old pensioner did, and she is now happily partnered with 29-year-old Phil.

We meet Edna (78) who relies on a walking frame to get around and her young lover Simon (39) to keep the romance alive. As well as Mike and Lindsey who share a 41-year age gap and an eight-week-old child, plus three other couples.

These couples somehow prove that despite the obstacles, the enduring power of true love can prevail, even when your other half is old enough to be your parent – or even your grandparent!

The Man Who Ate Himself to Death

The tragic story of Ricky Naputi, one of the fattest men in the world. Weighing over 400 kilograms, Ricky is bedridden and unable to access any proper medical care for his obesity or even undergo the weight-loss surgery he desperately needs. In a last-ditch effort to save his life, Ricky and his wife reach out for help, though he is told is too big to even be considered for surgery.

Along their journey they meet an Australian surgeon who goes from hoping to save Ricky to delivering him a painful ultimatum – he needs to lose weight or he will die. This episode follows the devastating consequences of Ricky’s overeating.

Don’t Look Down Now

Imagine climbing a building with no safety equipment and then hanging there, hundreds of metres above the ground, one slip from certain death. Some people do it for fun. In this fascinating, nail-biting journey into the world of free climbing, James Kingston, 23, scales 100m cranes and 200m towers in his spare time. Then he embarks on a trip to the Ukraine, the spiritual home of free climbing, where he teams up with fellow height junkie Mustang Wanted as they push themselves to new and ever more dangerous extremes.

As well as travelling with the adrenaline-rush seekers we also hear from James’ mother Julie, who struggles to come to terms with her son’s life-threatening adventures.

Extraordinary Lives: My Granny the Escort,   Premieres Monday 9:30pm on Nine 


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