Nine will be Walking the Nile

Nine will be Walking the Nile

Nine offers up something different on Wednesday nights from next week with  documentary Walking the Nile.

This ground-breaking new four-part series follows British explorer Levison Wood’s expedition to walk the length of the River Nile from source to sea – an epic journey of 6760km.

His drama filled nine-month, seven million step journey takes him through jungles, savannah, deserts, cities and war zones in some of the continent’s most remote and spectacular locations.

 The filming of Episode One hit the headlines last year when tragedy struck the expedition and a journalist covering Levison’s epic journey tragically lost his life.

 Episode One:

Lev and his local guide Boston follow the river from the jungles of Rwanda, through Tanzania’s most remote and lawless regions and into Uganda.

 They celebrate by the shores of Lake Bisongu and enter the ‘Badlands’ of Tanzania – an area riddled with gun smuggling routes – only to be robbed by a gang of highwaymen.

 Further down the river, they’re invited as VIPs to a traditional Tanzanian and given a heroes’ welcome in the capital Kampala.

Leaving Kampala, Lev and Boston are the first outsiders to be allowed to trek through the wilds of the Murchison Falls National Park, home to one of the highest concentrations of crocs and hippos on the planet but also ruthless poachers desperate for ivory and bushmeat.

It’s so dangerous Lev and Boston are escorted by armed park rangers, but even with rangers to carry their kit and extra water, nothing can prepare them for the extreme danger and the tragic consequences that lies ahead.

 Walking The Nile begins  , Wednesday, June 24 at 8.30pm on Nine