Nine to Go inside the Siege

Nine to Go inside the Siege

It was a dark day in Australian history and now In a Nine News special, Karl Stefanovic will present Inside The Siege: The Lindt Tapes this week.

Sixteen months ago Man Monis, murder suspect, religious crackpot and sex offender, took 18 people hostage at Sydney’s Lindt Café. The nation was transfixed as the siege unfolded in the heart of Australia’s biggest city. But the full story of what happened is only now emerging as an exhaustive inquest continues.

The evidence is confronting and revealing. It includes unseen security vision, secret police recordings and details of the desperate negotiations.

Now, for the first time, Channel Nine is able to take you inside the Lindt Café, using this remarkable new material to finally complete the dreadful picture of that terrifying 17-hour siege.

INSIDE THE SIEGE: THE LINDT TAPES airs  7:30 pm Wednesday on Nine