Nine to go Inside The Mafia (Updated)

If you have ever wanted to go Inside The Mafia Nine has you covered this weekend.

This chilling two-part series we embark on an eye-opening journey, speaking firsthand to the people who have experienced the money, glamour and terrible violence of the Mob.

 Travelling from New York, Miami and Philadelphia to Southern California, the documentary reveals detailed accounts of life in the Mafia as we meet major players from some of the most powerful crime families in America. We speak to them in their homes, at work and on the streets where they operated – the streets that were also the scene of some of their most shocking acts of violence.

On the surface, their lives of organised crime appear to be dripping with huge wealth and notoriety, but all of this has come at a great cost to their families.

Over two weeks, we hear from a former hitman who details his first kill and how he now fears for his life, as well as a high-ranking member of the Gambino crime family who has single-handedly inflicted more damage on the Mafia than anyone else in recent times. He has testified against Mafioso he worked with to save himself from a life behind bars.

The exposé also features an interview with one of the most successful mobsters in history, Michael Franzese, a former captain in the Colombo crime family who posed as a Hollywood film producer so he could launder large amounts of stolen money.

Plus we meet a low-level street enforcer for the Bonanno crime family in Miami, whose identity is concealed to protect him from the colleagues he says are constantly turning on each other.

 Inside the Mafia  Begins Sunday, May 24, at 9.30pm on Channel Nine and concludes Sunday May  31

Update Nine has now decided to screen the series at 9:30 PM Sunday May 31st and June 7th



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