Nine Misleads Viewers over Celebrity Aprentice

Nine Misleads Viewers over Celebrity Aprentice

What are  first Arrow  now Celebrity Apprentice ?

News Limited yesterday accused Nine of “misleading” viewers after it pulled plans to screen Apprentice this week after newspapers had printed their TV Guide -including with a front cover story.

The Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne and Sunday Telegraph in Sydney both carried features and TV Guide front covers for the series, originally due to screen at 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Both papers had to carry “Nine says sorry” stories inside the newspaper to explain the stuff-up.

A spokeswoman told the Herald Sun, “It will be on the Nine Network in coming weeks, the the decision to change the date was made by the network after the magazine had gone to print.

“We apologise to Sunday Herald Sun readers for the confusion and will publish the correct dates as soon as possible.”

Last week Nine also yanked plans for Arrow to air this week, despite publicising a launch for 8:40pm Tuesday.

Pulling shows at the last minute is a habit that needs to stop on all networks consistency and trust  is key to a good relationship between viewer and network

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