Nine Magically moves Sherlock

Nine has moved Sherlock to Thursdays from next week without even waiting for the ratings of episode 1

Airing 8:30 next Wednesday will be two David Blaine specials the second of which airs at 10 PM

“David Blaine: Real or Magic”
David Blaine’ takes his brand of street magic to the homes of some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world including Will Smith, Katy Perry and Woody Allen as he attempts to astonish with never-before seen, inconceivable magic.

: Drowned Alive”
David Blaine survives 8 days completely submerged in a tank of water with only a tube for water, air, and nutrition. The event culminates when he attempts to break the world record by holding his breath for 8 minutes and 58 seconds while freeing himself from a pair of handcuffs. During the stunt Blaine’s skin gradually started to break down and he suffered liver failure. Regardless, he survived and successfully emerged after 8 days under water.

Sherlock  which premieres tomorrow night will move to 9:00 Thursdays from next week.