Nine locks in The Block Sky High

Nine locks in The Block Sky High

Nine has revealed its plans for the Block ahead of revealling it will kick off on Sunday. The full Press Release is below 
This time, it’s State v State
Five couples are about to get the biggest shock of their lives
Premieres Sunday, May 12, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine

Australia’s toughest renovating competition is set to get a whole lot tougher than ever before when THE BLOCK SKY HIGH premieres on Sunday, May 12, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

This year’s series of the original renovation/realty reality game will set contestants the daunting challenge of converting each floor of a tired, former South Melbourne hotel into one amazing, high-end, house-sized apartment.

Get ready for sky high drama right from the very beginning.

Host Scott Cam says: “When it comes to The Block one thing’s for sure – we don’t like to be predictable. I honestly don’t know how they’ll do it. It’s just massive. Six stories of solid concrete construction and they will have to pull the whole thing apart and start again.”

Contestants will be required to “demo and reno” more than 80 rooms including a record-breaking 30 bathroom reveals. Each floor of the hotel will be transformed into 220-square-metre luxury apartments complete with three bedrooms and a sumptuous roof terrace with 360-degree views of Melbourne.

For the first time ever it’s state versus state, with five couples from around the nation going head to head:

Matt (32) and Kim (31) from Perth, WA – engaged for one year
Alisa (28) and Lysandra (28) from Adelaide, SA – identical twins
Trixie (37) and Johnno (40) from Brisbane, QLD – parents of three
Bec (26) and George (28) from Melbourne, VIC – married three years
Madi (24) and Jarrod (24) from Sydney, NSW – married two years

Joining Scott on this massive sky high adventure will be Shelley Craft, judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and “The Blockinator” Keith Schleiger.


Then 7pm week nights and 6.30pm Sundays on Nine

also of note is the fact the episodes will be re caped here nightly


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