Nine locks in Major Crimes

Nine locks in Major Crimes

The Closer spin off Major Crimes gets a run on Nine next week.

This sees Mary McDonnell take over the Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Crimes Division following the exit of Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick).


Major Crimes, which takes television’s favourite squad of detectives from the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series The Closer into bold new territory, premieres Monday, May 20, after The Voice on Channel Nine.

As the series opens, the detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Crimes Division are still reeling from the departure of their chief, Brenda Leigh Johnson (The Closer’s Kyra Sedgwick), and the realisation that Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) is now in charge.

Unlike Johnson, Raydor is determined to lead the department with a more team-oriented approach, sharing the credit with the people she works with. Raydor’s hardest job, however, will be gaining the trust and confidence of her detectives, who aren’t quick to forget her long history of internal investigations targeting them and their old boss.

Especially troublesome is Lieutenant Provenza (G.W. Bailey), the squad’s resident old-timer, who has a difficult time taking orders from someone he doesn’t think knows as much as he does.

There is little time for adjustment as the LAPD rushes to reach a plea bargain when a string of grocery store robberies turns fatal. After proving to be a valuable source for the case, an undercover detective and military veteran, Detective Amy Sykes (Kearran Giovanni), is transferred to Major Crimes. Meanwhile Raydor takes a big step to protect teenager Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin) after he runs away from his foster family.

Major Crimes stars two-time Oscar nominee Mary McDonnell (The Closer, Battlestar Galactica, Dances with Wolves) in her Emmy-nominated role of Captain Sharon Raydor, and The Closer’s G.W. Bailey (M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, Police Academy movies), Tony Denison (Prison Break, Playmakers), Michael Paul Chan (Arrested Development, The Insider), Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad, Training Day), Phillip P. Keene (Home) and Graham Patrick Martin (Two and a Half Men, The Bill Engvall Show). Plus newcomer Kearran Giovanni (One Life to Live).

9:30pm Monday, May 20 on Nine. after the voice live performance show

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