Nine Doubles Gallipoli Removes Person Of Interest

Nine Doubles Gallipoli Removes Person Of Interest

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and that seems to be true with Gallipoli

Nine has decided to air the final four episodes of Gallipoli over two weeks. The move will undoubtedly be a huge disappointment for the network who have  one of the finest productions in recent years which has failed to fire with audiences due to slow story telling and way too many ads.


This week’s double episode sees  Tolly recovers from his injuries in Cairo, and reluctantly returns to the front line at Gallipoli. After one of his close mates is killed, Tolly volunteers for sniper duty alongside the legendary Chinese-Australian sniper Billy Singh.

9 PM Monday on Nine

Fans of Person of Interest are also in limbo with a new episode out of the schedule.


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