Nikki Osborne Farewells The Jungle.

Nikki Osborne Farewells The Jungle.

 NEVER mess with a hungry and sleep-deprived Charlotte Crosby.

Yep, the loud-mouth Brit was taking no prisoners on tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, with Nikki Osborne and Tom Williams in her firing line.

When Nikki suggested that you don’t need talent to be an ‘influencer’, Charlotte was having none of it. With an impressive reach of 13 million followers across all of her social platforms, Charlotte felt the need chime in with her two cents.

Arguing that a lot of time, effort and planning goes into the self-marketing process for brands, Crosby left stand-up comic Nikki lost for words.

Volunteering to do the dishes so she could get closer to Ryan seemed like a good idea in theory, but after two weeks scrubbing and drying, Charlotte was over it.

Demanding there needed to be a camp chore reshuffle, Charlotte singled out Tom to switch with her and get his hands dirty for once.

And finally, after a will-they-wont-they-kiss saga that has made Titanic feel like a short film, Rylotte had a proper pash.

In an exchange that pushed the boundaries on PG viewing, our favourite reality TV couple put the ‘showmance’ rumours (and themselves) to bed.

Also taking no s*** (no pun intended) was the entire camp on the culprit leaving the dunny seat up.

After an earlier exercise in which Cosentino successfully called Miguel’s bluff, the celebrities elected the magician to expose the offender once and for all. Without fail, a guilty Ryan was caught out.

Tonight’s trial was The Scariest Trial We’ve Ever Done!…no, we mean, it was actually called The Scariest Trial We’ve Ever Done!

With Ryan, Erin Barnett and Myf Warhurst having a combined fear of heights, the prospect of being flung off a 94 metre waterfall was never going to come without tears.

Although fear-stricken and apprehensive, our three superheroes (who were all dressed as superheroes) smashed through their fears to win an impressive 10 out of 12 stars for camp.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that actor and comedian Nikki Osborne was the second celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Witty and warm, Nikki brought us all the feels. She forged an unlikely friendship with reality star Erin Barnett, who she thought had a heart as big as her chest.

Opening up about her son’s autism, Nikki helped to shine an important light on this common and broad-ranged condition. From the way it impacts kids, to their parents and the public perception, Nikki should be proud for the exposure she has given her chosen charity, Autism Spectrum Australia.

Her emotions ran rampant in the jungle, with Nikki struggling to be away from her loved ones and a bout of vertigo preventing her from finishing a trial.

But she wasn’t always a sea of tears, with Nikki providing comedy gold in a signature mankini that she wore whilst shooting a jungle calendar.

Nikki competed in two trials, the most memorable being When Bingo Bites Back, where herself and Dilruk screamed “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

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