Nigella’s Pressure Test farewells a cook

Last night on MasterChef Australia, Chloe, Miles and Jimmy faced Nigella Lawson’s unique  three recipe pressure test.

Their task was to create three of Nigella’s recipes – an entrée of crab salad, a main of lamb with peas and radishes, and a dessert of coffee panna cotta with chocolate coffee sauce – in just one hour.

Miles took an early lead while Jimmy, who admitted that he was not a fan of following recipes, made an early error with the panna cotta and had to remake it.

Jimmy neglected to check whether his lamb was properly cooked after taking it out of the oven, setting it aside to rest and moving on to other elements. His bench was in total chaos as he tried to complete everything in time.

Chloe cooked with confidence, but with 10 minutes to go, she still had to make her salad and made an error with the dressing. Her panna cotta made it to the plate with seconds to spare.

The judges were not impressed with Miles’ burnt lamb sauce or his grainy panna cotta.

Chloe impressed with her dishes, particularly the crab salad and well-cooked lamb.


There were flaws with Jimmy’s crab salad and his lamb was so undercooked that it was inedible. But his redeeming dish was his impressive panna cotta.

With Chloe safe, the decision was between Miles and Jimmy. Given he had made more mistakes than Miles, Jimmy bid an emotional goodbye to the judges, his fellow contestants and his sister Theresa.

Since leaving the MasterChef Australia kitchen Jimmy has done work experience at various top Sydney restaurants including Quay, Icebergs, Marque, Flour and Stone and Koi. He continues to work on his dream to run cooking workshops in Tasmania.