Nicole has triple the fun with Locky

Nicole has triple the fun with Locky

It was only a matter of time before Nicole became the centre of attention and i’m not annoyed by it.

After earning the Triple Threat Rose at the first rose ceremony, Nicole decided it was finally time to cash in her prize. Taking her relationship with Locky to new heights, Nicole joined her leading man for a rock-climbing date  even if it was out of her comfort zone.

With Locky’s guidance and encouragement, Nicole made it to the top of the cliff, where she and Locky celebrated with a kiss, before moving on to a more intimate chat.

The next day, the bachelorettes were drafted for a group date. Playing a game of Gridiron football, the MVP of the match would score some extra time with Locky.

Roxi and Charley went all out, scoring a touchdown each. Even though Roxi was cleaned up by Charlie’s tackle, she still managed to catch Locky’s eye and earn herself some overtime.

On their one-one-one date, Locky couldn’t ignore the physical attraction he felt towards Roxi. When Roxi revealed the Bachelor experience was heightening her trust issues, Locky immediately put her at ease by presenting her with a rose.

Using up the third instalment of her Triple Threat Rose, Nicole met Locky at his Bach Pad where they spent a day filled with fun, laughter and a side of gravy. Their spark was undeniable, so it was no surprise when Nicole walked into the Cocktail Party with Locky in one hand, a rose in the other.

With two roses already taken, the remaining bachelorettes scrambled to secure some alone time with Locky. Seeing the ladies, especially Juliette, clamour over her man was enough to push Roxi over the edge.

The episode ended without another rose ceremony which I hope isn’t a regular occurrence moving forward.