Newlyweds Tim And Rod Crowned The Winners Of The Amazing Race Australia.

Newlyweds Tim And Rod Crowned The Winners Of The Amazing Race Australia.

After 23 days of racing around the globe, Newlyweds Tim and Rod were tonight the winners of The Amazing Race Australia, beating 10 other teams and taking home a life changing $250,000 prize money.

When The Amazing Race Australia began, 11 teams set out on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling through South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Africa and Thailand. Tonight, the final three teams returned to home soil, set to take on the last leg of their grand adevnture in Australia’s breathtaking The Top End, Northern Territory.

Our final three teams: Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome; Newlyweds Tim and Rod; and Siblings Viv and Joey, hit the ground running when they landed in Darwin, making a mad dash to the waterfront.

Hidden in around the waterfront were copies of local newspaper, NT News. Teams had to sort through stacks of newspapers and find the eight headlines written about the Race in order to get their next clue.

It was a mad scramble as teams frantically searched the waterfront. After finding the first seven papers, all three teams struggled to locate the last one. Darwin locals, Jasmin and Jerome spotted a news stand sitting on top of an inflatable slide in the water. Without hesitation, Jerome channelled his inner Ian Thorpe and dove into the water, freestyling his way to the last paper, putting them in the lead.

Next, it was time to catch their last flight of the Race into Katherine. But, there was one condition; Instead of landing safely, they had to take a leap of faith and jump out of the plane in order to proceed to the Roadblock.

The adrenalin was pumping for Jasmin and Jerome, and Tim and Rod as they plummeted 10,000 feet towards the ground. But for Viv and Joey, they were lucky enough to escape the terrifying ordeal after the pilot deemed the windy conditions too unsafe to jump. Now, that’s just plane luck!

There was no time to recover or change their underwear once both feet were firmly on the ground. It was time to Roadblock!

It was a race to a nearby cattle station where one member of each team had to master the art of animal training. First, they had to choose a cattle dog and coax them around a course, before moving on to some casual wildhorse taming. Talk about ‘The A-neigh-zing-Race’.

There was no horsing around for Viv and Joey. Coming in from last place, Joey the animal whisperer nailed both challenges in no time and put them back in the lead, overtaking the other two teams with ease. from there, it was off to Nitmiluk Gorge to face their final challenge. Each team had to kayak along the riverbank and find seven hidden puzzle pieces before assembling a near impossible puzzle which referenced the six different countries they visited throughout the Race.

Proving more complicated than a Mongolian market, teams had to build six separate puzzle boxes before finally stacking them on top of each other to receive their final clue.

This was it. The moment of truth. As they battled it out under extreme heat, it was anyone’s game. None of them were going to give up without a fight.

And just like that (well, hours later), Tim and Rod were the first to stack their puzzle. They then received their final clue, directing them to search the Gorge on foot and find Beau at the finish line. With Jasmin and Jerome hot on their heels, the final foot race was well and truly on.

Sprinting through the Gorge hand-in-hand, Tim and Rod were the first to make it to the finish line. Being cheered on by the eight previously eliminated teams, the boys put two feet on the map and host Beau Ryan declared them the winners of The Amazing Race Australia.

Tim said: “This journey, this race, this insane crazy adventure we’ve all been a part of, it’s the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives. We’ve learnt so much about each other and at the end of the day we’re still together after something like this. I’m so in love with him.”

Rod said: “If our marriage can last The Amazing Race, it can last a lifetime.”

After an incredible effort throughout the entire Race, Jasmin and Jerome were the second team to check in at the Pitsop, followed by Viv and Joey.