Newbies crumble as Tim pulls off another masterstroke

Newbies crumble as Tim pulls off another masterstroke

Tonight, Big Brother went on the attack as Battle Week had the housemates crumbling. 

The housemates also competed in their very first shopping task, where Reggie proved to be the most valuable player, earning half of the total shopping budget of $180.

Sam and Drew’s steamy romance had Tully fuming and Aleisha questioning Joel’s intentions toward her; while Tully and Tim’s explosive love-hate relationship had yet another blow up. 

In a gripping challenge, the housemates were paired and Tully and Joel held on to win safety from the next eviction, leaving all other housemates in a nominations battle.

After Layla’s eviction, the newbies geared up to take another royalty down. Before the nominations were revealed, Tully used her Head of House power to save Trevor, leaving newbies Lara, Lulu and Jaycee in the line of fire. 

With the royalty confirming control, the newbies were left shocked, while Tim gloated about pulling off another mastermind manipulation. 

“That was magnificent. There’s not a single original housemate nominated. That was really easy done,” said Tim.


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