New love on the horizon

New love on the horizon

A shock surprise from Samantha Armytage brought romantic highs crashing back to earth in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

Following an incredibly emotional night, the farmers announced their next 24-hour solo dates, while Farmer Paige dropped a bombshell: “I’m not actually going to be asking either of the gentlemen to come on a date with me. I made the decision to send both boys home. I wouldn’t have been true to myself if I kept things going further. I came here to find love and nothing was growing with Dylan and Glen. There was no other option today but end this chapter.”

The other farmers, basking in the glow of newfound romance following their last 24-hour solo dates, were caught off-balance when host Natalie Gruzlewski announced: “Partners, you’re gonna be heading back to the farms while our farmers are going to be heading back to the Hunter Valley, where this quest for love all kicked off. Sam Armytage has a surprise in store.”

In the Hunter Valley, Sam revealed her surprise: “I have been searching the country and I’ve found two more partners for each of you to meet. You’re gonna have some time with each of them, one-on-one, so at the end of today, you must choose one to invite back to your farm stay.”

After bidding goodbye to her original suitors, Paige was hoping for a better run this time around: “I want love, so Sam’s choice is a second round for me and I can’t believe that I’m being given that opportunity, but we have gone down this path before. I, sort of, tiptoed into it and now I’m like let’s actually just jump off the cliff. You don’t turn down an opportunity like this.”

Hearts were aflutter as the farmers spent the afternoon getting to know their new potential partners.

“I really like how humble Ayden is. He just seems really certain about himself and where he’s going and that makes me excited to find out more why he’s taken this opportunity with me,” Farmer Paige said after meeting 34-year-old builder Ayden.

Farmer Harry was instantly attracted to 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte: “She’s very pretty, got a great smile, and I’m impressed.”

After meeting 23-year-old Holly, Farmer Will knew he was in for trouble: “Holly comes out guns blazing. She’s really lively, really positive. I really enjoyed talking to her. Applecart might be upset a little bit with Jess and Madi. I’m in a bit of strife here.”

Farmer Benjamin thought 34-year-old medical receptionist Laura seemed “very vibrant and lovely”, while Farmer Ben applauded Sam on her choice as he found what he was looking for in 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani.

At the end of the day, each farmer invited one new partner to their farms except Farmer Paige, who extended the invite to both her suitors.

Partners invited to the farms:

Farmer Ben: Kiani

Farmer Benjamin: Madelene

Farmer Harry: Bronte

Farmer Paige: Cody and Ayden

Farmer Will: Holly


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