New ladies cause fireworks at the country fair

New ladies cause fireworks at the country fair

A shock surprise from Natalie Gruzlewski brought romantic highs crashing back to earth in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife 

The farmers, who were invited by Sam Armytage under the pretext of an exciting weekend getaway, were caught off-guard when Nat greeted them with a surprise: “I’ve done a little bit of research, and I have hand-picked ladies that I would love you to meet.”

Hearts were aflutter as the farmers spent the afternoon getting to know their new potential love interests. After a round of speed dates, they each invited one lady to the farm, but not before sneaking in a romantic solo date each. 

Farmer Brad and 30-year-old boarding house supervisor Shelby’s romantic boat ride ended with a kiss. “There is a spark there that could potentially grow into something. It’s put my mind into bloody overdrive,” Brad said.

“Definitely attracted to Jemma. And she’s obviously really good looking and so genuine and just so humble,” Farmer Brenton said after braving a game of truth or dare with 21-year-old radiology assistant, Jemma.

Farmer Matt kept an open mind during his date with 22-year-old dressage rider, Madelon: “I definitely think I am surrendering to this opportunity that Nat’s provided us. I think love does take a bit of time and you don’t want to put any walls up and not be open to the perfect person that could be.”

When the existing ladies saw their farmers arrive hand-in-hand with the new ladies at the country fair, jealousy flared.

While Andrew’s lady Claire was confident about her connection with the farmer, the same could not be said about some of the ladies on other farms.

Morgan described Shelby as a “smokin’ blonde bombshell” and was worried how she would compete with her.                                                                                                                     

Frankie, who hadn’t yet had a date with Brenton, reached a breaking point: “Brenton is obviously really connected with Jemma on their date. To me, that says enough. I’m not going to wait for a date that’s probably not going to come. That’s enough for him to show that he’s not interested in me.”

The new ladies invited to each farm are:

Farmer Andrew: Sarah

Farmer Brad: Shelby

Farmer Brenton: Jemma

Farmer David: Alyssa

Farmer Matt: Madelon


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